Hartenbries is a group of female, holistic professionals in complementary care. We offer a true listening ear to everybody who longs for care and support in a personal and attentetive way.

Our vision is that every person has the right on a broader perspective on their physical and psychological issues. And that everything related to your personal recovery matters.



For whom.

You’re ill and your condition is being treated, but you miss someone that listens to what
impact this condition has on your life. We support you in your recovery process.
You have recovered from an illness, but you still notice daily the impact it had psychologically of what you have been through. We offer after-care and support with processing your feelings.
Already for some time you are experiencing some physical and/or mental complaints, but
nothing seems to help to make them go away. They told you: “It is all in your mind”.
We listen to your story without judgement.

What we offer.

Hartenbries offers you ownership of your own recoveryprocess. You will learn with us to truly listen to your body and are stimulated to have a deeper and closer look at what has happened to you.
Even though your heart and head are so full, and it takes so much courage for you
and you feel so scared to share your story with others, with Hartenbries you will be received in a safe space. You are human with all that comes up and arises.

Hartenbries has its home at the Blauwe Boerderij, Lindenhof 2 in Groningen(NL).
Every wednesday morning you are welcome to come in from 10.00 till 13.00 hours.
There will be the opportunity to tell your story, just being with what there is and asking questions to one of us. If you wish we can have a look at what kind of support would be fitting and appropriate for you and your situation. When you decide to book sessions with one of us, the rates of that individual therapist will be the going rate.

With greetings from the heart,

Ineke Bakker, Anouchka Beusekamp, Karin Schutten, Esther Johannink, Marina Tielke, Ellen Plompen, Klazina Kuperus

More information on who we are and what we do can  be found on Blauwe Boerderij

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