Self Created Health ®

Self Created Health ® has been developed by Richard Gordon, the founder of Quantum Touch ®. He worked on this for about 30 years. It is an integration of may techniques to get to the core of a physical ( or other) condition. Some times a condition can’t be cured with healing or it will keep on reoccurring. Most of our physical pain has a logical cause as well as an emotional cause.

With this method of questions it is easy to get to the emotional cause behind a physical condition. It is usually the emotional pain we don’t want to feel, that expresses it self through the body. The discovery of the emotional cause can already reduce the physical complaint. It is not necessary to share what you discovered as the emotional cause. As it is only important for you to acknowledge the underlying pain. By allowing your self to feel the emotional pain, the physical can cure. This is a process of releasing the emotional pain at the core and coming to forgiveness for others and your self.

This can be seen as a form of coaching. This method works good for conditions that don’t seem to cure, chronic conditions or conditions that reoccur. But also with acute pain, it is easy to trace back the underlying cause.

The underlying cause will not always be recognised straight away, because your subconsciousness is not yet willing to release it, so you can become aware of it. But it is well possible, that it will come to you at a later time and the pieces of the puzzle will fall together. The process of awareness has started during the session.

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