The coaching is complementary to the energy transmission and is aimed to bring more depth and insights. You will become more aware of your qualities and strengths, as well as your beliefs and patterns that are limiting you. The beliefs you hold determine for a big part your behaviour and how you feel. By becoming aware of them you create space for change and growth and you gain the ability to make different choices. It helps to view from a different perspective and have more understanding, compassion and acceptance for your self. You will feel more empowered and become aware of a knowingness of “this is who I am”.

There is attention for your (life) story and what you experience. Sometimes I will use creativity as a means to allow the subconscious to speak, through playing with words, images and imaginations.

Change doesn’t happen overnight and are processes we go through. Not always easy, but eventually becoming more of who you really are.

A coaching session, including the energy transmission, takes up to appr. 75 – 90 min. and the costs are € 70,- .

*The charge for cancellation  within 24 hours will be the full amount of the consultation.

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