With a healing session you give your self permission to get full attention and time for just you, which will have a positive influence.

Our  body has an amazing intelligence and ability to heal itself. During the energy transmission your body will  be activated to tap into its own healing ability. I will make use of different healing methods and breathing. You will be your own director in the healing session. Your body, your feelings and awareness are the guideline within the healing session. This is how you can connect with yourself, your body and your inner peace. This creates a space to sense you are so much more.

What you can experience during the energy transmission is very personal and can be different for everybody. You might sense becoming more grounded, feeling more comfortable in your body, feelings of  being touched, relaxation, peace of mind, a tingling through the body, an opening of the heart or seeing colours etc.

Usually the processes starting due to a healing session are mild and follow a natural course and will bring instant pain relief, feeling more relaxed, balanced and energetic. It also can be visible in your posture or radiance. After a healing session you could also feel tired or it might bring up old emotions. These are all signs that the body is transforming and healing itself.

The healing classes I attended are: Quantum Touch ®, Self Created Health ®, Magnified Healing I and III®, en Soul Body Fusion ® Next to this I have had several teachers instructing me in their own developped healing methods, working in a more intuitive way .

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Most healing sessions will take up to 45 – 60 min. and cost € 50,-.

*The charge for cancellation  within 24 hours will be the full amount of the consultation.

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