The Crimson Circle

The Crimson Circle is a global affiliation of New Energy teachers and facilitators. Their purpose is to inspire human and spiritual consciousness around the world. In other words “Consciousness Pioneers in the New Energy”!

When I found the Crimson Circle (2010) it felt like coming home. It had such a resonance to me and I am still in awe of what they create and bring forth. It is all about “You”, your realisation of all that you are. No rules, no dogma’s, no membership or anything, all in service to your own Realisation of your True Self. They have been ever since a great inspiration and a comforting aid on my journey to come home to my Self!

Just check it out! They offer a range of information about awakening,realisation and consciousness. It might support you also in your own process of awakening and realisation. There’s lots of information for free and they have a shop where you can order channellings and teachings for a reasonable price.

The Crimson Circle

The Crimson Circle Shop

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